George Fragos S.A.



GIEF "George Fragos SA" is a rapidly growing trading and manufacturing company.

GIEF produces rollers for all the sliding aluminum profils and also aluminum joint corners for aluminum profils. imports special accessories for frames like, shutter fasteners, window mechanisms, door closers, weather striping, fiberglass and aluminum screening in all sizes etc. also imports self-drilling screws, self taping screws, drywall screws, concrete screws and fixing systems as nylon nail plugs, metal frame anchors, fixing plugs for plaster boards, wedge anchors, etc. also imports special tools, as aluminum cutters and special products for the security of the frames.

Our range of products also has special hand tools like screwdrivers, allen key sets, pliers, flat jaws, lock grips, bolt cutters, hammers, knives, measuring tapes, levels, aluminum squares, glue guns, foam guns, skeleton guns.

GIEF has major shares in the greek market and also exports in the balkan market and in cyprus.

Company Specifics:

Foundation year: 1989
Personnel: 27 employees
Premises: 2.000 sm

Contact Info

Tel: 0030 (210) 6220641
Τel: 0030 (210) 6220642
FAX: 0030 (210) 6220646
Email: fragosgf@otenet.gr